In The Den

by Ak iLL

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In The Den

- A.i.


I was lyin in the den when I wrote this,
Well, I guess I kinda typed it,
But the rest of this is honest,
So I’m hopin that you like it,
Maybe even say it’s cool,
Dig with an ice pick,
Nice Rick,
Turn around and take another slice, it,
Might get,
A little bit warmer cuz I’m brightening,
Attic full of lightning,
It’s all in the risk,
Put it all on the disk,
Can't _____ when it skips,
Fingertips to lips,
Don’t say shhhh…
Just spit,
And keep it all on the line,
Stay true to the rhythm,
Cuz it’s bigger than rhymes,
It’s bigger than mine and yours,
Punch, lines and bars,
Shining, stars and seas,
Land of the free with fees,
They couldn't hold a candle,
So we carry the weight,
And light the way for the awake,
Every step that we take,
Gives meaning to the being,
What we’re dyin to chase,
With grace, to make a living,
Without takin the space….away…

Away...a way... a way….

There’s gotta be a way,
We can save,
Think it’s time to be the change,
All the pain,
All the hate,
All the things we complicate,
All the sins,
All the songs,
All the death,
All the wrongs,
All the lies,
All the whys,
All the lives,
All that’s gone,

And left me alone,
With this microphone,
And what we can’t free..

So it’s better we,
Face that,
We’re our worst enemy,
Guilty of the pleasure,
Just to measure the energy,
Hope floats?
We’re just a silent k away,
From being not on the rope,
Red dot on the scope,
Yeah, It’s murder we wrote,
Or seen,
To be scenes on the screen,
The unseen,
Are left wondering,
When will they come,
And love me,
It’s lovely,
But really not,
So stop.
And smell the roses,
Cuz I suppose it’s
All we got,
In the pick of the lot,
Bad luck,
In a rut,
Bout to thicken the plot,
Stormy weather,
Or whatever,
We just scared of the thought,
So prepare for the drop,
Anticipate we’ll be late,
Whether we like or not,
Every tick of the clock,
Another skip of the rock,
Just the tip of the top,
We’re on the bottom a lot,
So it feels,
Kinda weird to not be,
Scared of the meals,
Eyes wide shut,
With both hands on the wheel,
10 and 2 with black and blues,
Stay afraid of the shield,
For real,
We’re in the den,
Testing to be the faithful,
Reading between the lions,
Who already got their plate full...
So be thankful….
We’re still alive.


released October 9, 2016
Produced, written, and performed by Ak iLL for Universe City Press Productions



all rights reserved