Go Back (One More Time)

by Ak iLL

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Go Back (One More Time) - Ak iLL


Let me take ya'll back to '79,
Livin life was easy and the world was mine,
Before I learned about the urn and the yearn to survive,
I was chillin in the crib, writin a nursery rhyme,
no cares in the world, those were innocent times,
how I wish I woulda stayed way ahead of those lies,
sick of the smiles, and I'm sick of the cries,
but after all that has happened, I'm glad that I tried,
to use setbacks to step back and better my stride,
cuz in the end, it all depended on the runner inside,
I'm wonder why, yeah I'm wonder why,
all these demons keep screamin,
i leave em to die,
in the hole they created in the center of eye,
remember I, may be, ahead of my time,
the rest was never mine, so I pay it no mind,
and live life to the fullest, but wouldn't decline to GO BACK...

Let's go back to the day when the first needle broke,
over break from the way, they were diggin in the crates,
it be great to escape what we're dealin wit today,
we're dealers, makin livins cuttin deals wit prey,
pressin play to display all our wants and haves,
while 99% of us would settle for half,
of what you got when you stopped just to peddle the craft,
for 99 cents? you should be doin the math,
but on the downlow, these downloads, diminish the past,
like keepin Krylon cans in a grocery bag,
we need to backtrack to backpacks,
and carry the past, to a time when the rhyme was essentially class,
so we can learn a thing or two, hopefully pass,
and emcee to make change, not rap to make cash,
and GO BACK...


released September 14, 2014
Written, produced, and performed by Ak iLL for Universe City Press

Check out the official video by CamCamTV at
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